FAQs (soap)

What is a natural soap? 

A natural soap is safe and nontoxic, readily biodegradable, and have no artificial colors, fragrances, hardeners, latherers, preservatives, detergents and alcohols.

How do I store my soaps?

Your soaps should be stored in a cool and dry place away from light until usage. Keep it drained and with some form of airflow to prevent it from becoming mushy.

Can I use it for my face?

Yes! These soaps are created for both face and body. However, for those with sensitive skin, when using the soaps for face, I recommend making the lather in your hands then applying such to the face.

Do I moisturize after using this soap?

A soap is a cleanser. After cleansing your face and body, it is recommended that you use a moisturizer. 

How long will my soap last?

Factors such as usage and storage affect this a lot. However, this is designed to last one person up to a month.