FAQs (double trouble)

How do I store my soaps?

Your soaps should be stored in a cool and dry place away from light until usage. Keep it drained and with some form of airflow to prevent it from becoming mushy.

Can I use the soap for my face?

Yes! These soaps are created for both face and body. However, for those with sensitive skin, when using the soaps for face, I recommend making the lather in your hands then applying such to the face.

Do I moisturize after using this soap?

A soap is a cleanser. After cleansing your face and body, it is recommended that you use a moisturizer. 

How long will my soap last?

Factors such as usage and storage affect this a lot. However, this is designed to last one person up to a month.

Where can I store my Body Oil?

Your body oils can be stored anywhere in your house that would not expose the container to extreme heat temperatures.

Is the body oil natural?

Yes, the Coco Glowing Body Oils are all natural.

Can I use this if I am allergic to some of the ingredients?

No, you should never use any products that contain ingredients that you are allergic to.