It's officially Winter and even though the weather is being "moody", we have some new scents for you. As I sat down and thought about winter, I found myself wondering how to capture the essence of the season when it comes to aromatherapy. This led to me thinking about what we would need the most during the massive drop in temperature: medicine for cold and flu season.


So, allow me to introduce our three new scents for the Winter CollectionPeppermint, Cinnamon Leaf and EucalyptusAlthough unknown to some, these refreshing and natural scents are some of the best aromas for those of us looking out for our health during the cold.


Read below to find out how beneficial these scents are to your health.




The first scent that came to was Peppermint. The cooling, refreshing and minty scent is just what you need to cleanse the air after a sneeze or cough which prevents germs and promote clear breathing. Think of it as a breath of fresh air but through a candle. While doing so, let me remind you of the menthol found in the essential oil, which works to help improve your cold/flu. This is done by relieving headaches and improving the nasal congestion that usually accompanies the common cold. Basically, this scent is a perfect refresher. But if it's not for you, we have a second scent: Cinnamon Leaf



Cinnamon Leaf can be described as a naturally spicy and musky scent that may remind you of taking a walk in the woods. The scent comes from the leaves of the cinnamon tree and so, it brings a freshness to the home that helps relieve stress and depression. The scent is also great at relieving nasal congestion due to its' antimicrobial properties. It is also known for boosting energy levels, a much-needed attribute for those draining winter days. Altogether, this scent is a must for all nature lovers looking for a refreshment without stepping into the cold.


And for those of us looking for a different scent, look no further. Our last scent, Eucalyptus, is a game changer.



Having multiple medicinal purposes is one of the major characteristics of this scent from clearing the mind to soothing a sore throatThe 250+ compounds that make up Eucalyptus give it its' minty and refreshing aroma which help to relieve mucus and clear sinuses. Basically, the mucus that usually builds up in our bodies have nothing against this scented candle. Not only that, but it is also antiseptic meaning it purifies the air and prevents further growth of disease-causing microorganisms. 


Simply put, all three of these scents are great medicinal alternatives that help you fight the common cold/flu. Not only do they help relieve mucus and headaches, but they also clear the mind, purify the air so that we can breathe better, soothe the throat, relieve stress/depression ...and the list goes on...

They will be available to you starting November 20th, 2022. 

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