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Mini Candle
Mini Candle
Mini Candle
Mini Candle

Mini Candle

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A small version for those of us that like to try before committing.


SIZE: ~3OZ | 85G





Can't decide on a scent? The Mini Candles are perfect for anyone looking to try each scent before committing to a full size. These samples are light in weight, compact-sized which makes them easy to carry around anywhere or to gift. 


Coconut Cream: Associated with love, the scent of coconut clears the mind and relieves stress and anxiety while also boosting energy levels and cognitive functions, and improving sleep. It is perfect for sexy and romantic times. 

Cotton Fresh: A mixture of sun-dried cotton along with green notes and zests of citrus captures the refreshing and enlightening scent of spring. It is perfect for relaxing and relieving stress while taking a self-care day.

Dazzling Orange: Enjoy the freshness of this fruity, sweet and citrusy candle that reminds us of warm temperatures. With its' cheerful, uplifting yet relaxing effect, this scent is perfect for reducing stress, anxiety and depression. It can also strengthen the immune system while removing airborne bacteria. Considered a medicine, it is also known to relieve constipation, cold and flu symptoms and sort-term physical pain.

Fresh Apple: This candle has a beautiful mixture of crisp and juicy green apple with notes of grape, pear and light musky base. It relieves stress and anxiety, reduces migraines, boosts energy levels and transforms your home into a candyland.

Lemon Aid: Enjoy the freshness of this fruity and citrusy candle. Distinctively sharp and smooth, this lemon aid candle did not get its name just because. Lighting this candle helps to reduce anxiety/depression, morning sickness/nausea while boosting energy levels. It is also perfect for improving cold symptoms as it relaxes the mind and muscles within the throat due to traces of vitamin c within the oil.

Midnight Vanilla: Midnight is captured with this inviting scent that has a warm amber base. This candle is extra addictive with the sugary vanilla fragrance that adds some extra sweetness. It relieves stress/anxiety/depression, uplifts mood, and transforms you into a more productive person.

Sweet Pineapple: A sweet and succulent scent, this candle is perfect for the spring/summer. Intended to put you in a soothing and sensual mood, this candle can help relieve stress and is great for family functions to bring back childhood memories. It is also recommended for sexual interactions.

Warm Cocoa: This candle has a sweet scent that smells just like a freshly poured cup of hot chocolate. It is perfect for calming your days down and reducing anxiety and depression. 

White Peach: This candle has a fruity scent that smells like a smoothie. It helps with relieving pain, soothing muscles and reducing anxiety and depression.

  • 100% Soy wax
  • Paraben Free
  • Phthalate Free
  • SLS + SLES Free
  • Hand poured in Maryland, USA
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free (not tested on animals)

Mini Candle
Mini Candle
Mini Candle