The Story of Surin Aromas

aromatherapy candles, wax melts, soaps and body oils


Hi everyone. My name is Ruth Surin and I want to welcome you to my website.

If you want your house smelling good while relieving some of the most common health issues, I have an offer for you.

Surin Aromas is a company based on aromatherapy, the use of natural essential and fragrance oils, to help relieve some health issues. These include, but are not limited to, stress, anxiety, depression, nausea, cramps, headaches and much more. I started Surin Aromas simply because I use essential oils and wanted to incorporate them into my life in different ways. As I researched, I found out that they can be used in candles. This led to me doing a lot of trial and error until I found the formula that works for me. 

My products include soy wax candles, wax melts and skin and body care. Essential oils and natural fragrances known to positively affect the body, mind, and spirit are incorporated in ALL products.

My goal is to provide you with quality products that will enhance your everyday lives while making your homes smell amazing. Having suffered from seizures for over 4 years, I learned of the benefits of natural products and healing. Hopefully, these are as helpful to you as they have been for me.

For this reason, every product is natural, recyclable and cruelty free.